Welcome to My Revamped Website

Over the past few months, I’ve been updating and revamping my website. Now, thanks to the wonderful Tim Shortt of Webtex Web Design, the new version is live.

Many aspects are similar to the old site, but with what are hopefully clearer and more mouth-watering descriptions of who I am and what I offer. But let me introduce you to what’s different.


New Images

While the previous images on the site were great, I felt they needed an update — not least because I’ve lost a fair amount of weight since they were taken. Since I required new photos, I decided to go for a completely new approach.

The results were even better than I expected, though, thanks to Arianna Cagli of Ari’s Thread. Overcoming the challenges of taking photos while remaining socially distanced, Arianna did sessions both in my work area and at various special locations in the local area.

There are no artificial poses here, just Arianna capturing the moment. Because of this, the images reflect a wide range of moods and ideas, fun as well as work based.


New Services

When I started Nick Blatchley Copywriting, I brainstormed the various services customers might need. For the most part, I got it right, and the bulk of my business has fallen under the categories of blogs, website content, social media, newsletters and books. But I have had a few unexpected requests.

A little while ago, a local estate agent asked me to write a description for one of their properties, and they’ve come back to me numerous times since then. This made me aware of the great need for quality property descriptions — not just lists of features and “estate-agentese”, but compelling visions of a home. This is an area of my work that could grow and grow.

Another page I’ve added is for white papers. I must admit that a few years ago I only had the haziest idea of what a white paper actually is (other than a government document). Having been asked to write a few, however, and producing content the clients were pleased with, this is another service I’d be happy to expand.


Some Other Awesome Businesses You Might Need

In the course of seven years of business networking, I’ve met innumerable owners of fantastic businesses. Of course, there have also been a few I’d prefer to forget, but that’s inevitable.

No business can exist in isolation, whether it relies on suppliers and contractors, or whether (like mine) it serves just one aspect of the client’s total needs.  What’s good for one is often good for all, so I’ve added a new section of my website — Some Other Awesome Businesses You Might Need.

This doesn’t cover every business that’s impressed me. There are businesses in many sectors I’d have no hesitation recommending, but the idea for this page was to imagine what other services you might be looking for if you’ve had some copywriting done. The businesses listed here are therefore mostly creative or marketing based.

I hope you enjoy looking around my updated website. Drop me a line if there’s anything I can do for you.

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