What do you need me to write?

No two clients’ requirements are the same, and my services adapt to your specifications. Below are the main services I provide, but I’d love you to surprise me with something I’ve never thought of. If what you want written isn’t listed here, you’re very welcome to get in touch and discuss your project.

I specialise in being a generalist. Whatever your field, I’ll translate your passion and expertise into terms anyone can understand. Even if you want a specialist piece in an area where I don’t have enough experience, I’ll try to find another copywriter with the necessary background to recommend.

I can adapt to your voice and write at whatever level of formality or informality that’s appropriate to your needs. If you prefer US English, I’m well acquainted with US spelling and usage.

Projects That Go Beyond Written Content

Written content can often stand on its own, but sometimes it’s part of a larger process, needing a range of specialists. Instead of you having to try and find each one individually, I’ll combine with a select group of hand-picked creatives who can offer the perfect balance between a single project and individual input. For instance:

  • A website that needs web-building, graphic design, photos and videos, as well as written content.
  • A brochure, where the words need to be enhanced with design and photos, and then printed.

Or, if you have another type of project, let me know. I offer a single project, a single quote, a single invoice — but complete access to each of the specialists. Book a 1-2-1 with me to discuss your requirements.



Blogs are at the heart of great marketing, but they have to be engaging, compelling and well crafted. I’ll write you regular blogs that attract your target market and make them want to check you out.


Your website is your virtual shop window, and you need the right content to get people through your virtual door. I’ll tell your story to engage your visitors, from landing page to contact form.


Many entrepreneurs have realised that publishing a book is a great way to get their expertise known. I’ll help you write it effectively, and I also have the contacts to help you get it expertly designed and printed.

Social Media

Social media is an essential marketing tool, and that means you need regular engaging content for each of your platforms that will keep your contacts reading. I can provide that.

Property Descriptions

Standard descriptions aren't good enough for your higher-end properties. I'll mesmerise your readers and have them falling in love with your property before they've even seen it.


Approaching your market directly can be effective, but only if the content grabs and keeps their attention. I’ll write you anything from a single mailshot to a complete campaign.


Sending your existing clients and contacts a regular newsletter keeps you in their thoughts — and the engaging, thought-provoking content I provide ensures they think of you the right way.


If you’re trying to raise your profile as a thought-leader in your field, an article on a prestigious website or in a printed journal will help. I’ll produce an excellently researched and written piece for you.


It’s vital to have a profile on each platform that stands out from the crowd. I offer a quick service to write a profile in your own voice that will get you noticed for the right reasons.


Brochures and leaflets have always been the best way to showcase what you offer. They still are, and I’ll provide clear, engaging copy to go with the images.

White Papers

White papers need to be accurate and authoritative, but they also need to be persuasive. I’ll combine the professional, expert tone you need with the excitement that will hook your readers on your proposal.