Win a Free Audit of Your Website Content

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There are plenty of things that are important to get right on a business website. The design, the layout and the behind-the-scenes SEO are all crucial, and important content can include images, videos and infographics. But the written content is …

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Who’s Your Business Partner?

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Do you have a business partner? That might be easy to answer. Perhaps you’ve set up a company with someone else, in which case you very obviously do. Perhaps you’ve even officially constituted the company as a partnership.

However, many …

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How Full Is Your Glass?

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Is it best to be an optimist or a pessimist, either in your personal life or in your business?

Well, that depends. Optimism and pessimism aren’t as easy to define as you might think. The classic definition is the “glass …


Sometime Starts with an N

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How often do you say “I’ll do it sometime”? If you’re anything like me, it’s probably very often indeed. All those tasks that don’t have hard deadlines, so it’s OK to put them off in favour of the ones that …


Silence Isn’t Golden

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“Silence is golden”, according to the classic Sixties song, echoing the old proverb “speech is silver, silence is golden”. Profound philosophy, perhaps, but definitely not a philosophy to be applied to your business.

Silence isn’t golden so much as likely …