You might wonder why I’m offering to train you to write instead of doing it myself. Of course I’d love to provide first-class written content for you, but I’m also on a mission to improve the effectiveness of business writing — one SME at a time.

Why should that matter? Well, the reality is that everyone needs to write in the course of doing business, even if you’re tapping on a phone rather than using quill and parchment. If your prospects meet you for the first time in writing, whether that’s your website, social media, emails or brochures, the way you express yourself will affect their impression of you. And first impressions are notoriously hard to change, especially if you’re not there to limit the damage.

In the past, I’ve offered live training workshops at venues around Hertfordshire. Even before the world was changed by the coronavirus pandemic, though, I’d decided it would be more efficient to take training online instead.

Online Training Courses

Why online? Well, offering the training as webinars has a number of advantages over live training:

  • Convenience — you can take advantage of the session from your home or office, instead of having to travel to the venue.
  • Scope — online sessions are available anywhere in the world, not just to those within reach of the venue.
  • Flexibility — you can view a webinar at your convenience, and even watch it again, if you like.
  • Price — without the need to hire a venue and travel to it, I can keep prices far lower than would be possible for live sessions.

All online training consists of videos, which can be played as often as you like; PDFs of the slides and commentary; and feedback sessions with me, via phone or Zoom.

The foundation webinar is How to Create Impact in Writing, a 45-minute introduction to writing effectively for your business. This is followed by a series of three-part courses on specific topics, such as blogs, website content and social media. These are currently under construction — why not join my mailing list for updates?

Corporate Copywriting Training

Are you concerned about how your employees communicate in writing? You may feel there’s a general lack of skill or understanding of good writing practice, but it could also be that you need them to take on more specialised written tasks, or that you want to ensure everyone’s writing reflects the company’s brand identity.

I can arrange a dedicated session, either online or at your premises, to address whatever needs you’ve identified. This may be either based on my existing content or customised to meet a specific need in your company. Please contact me to discuss arrangements, contents and prices.


The written aspects of marketing don’t exist in isolation, and from time to time I team up with an expert in areas like website design, SEO or marketing campaigns to deliver training sessions that offer a more holistic view.

If you’re an expert in an area you feel would work well with copywriting, please contact me and we can explore the possibilities.