You might wonder why I’m offering training. Of course I’d love to provide first-class written content for you, but I’m also on a mission to improve the effectiveness of business writing — one SME at a time.

Why should that matter? Well, the reality is that everyone needs to write in the course of doing business, and tapping on a phone instead of using quill and parchment doesn’t make that any less crucial. If your potential clients meet you for the first time in writing, the way you express yourself will affect their impression of you. And first impressions are notoriously hard to change.

I’m offering a variety of training models, some designed to give you an overview, others to examine particular types of writing in more depth.


Overview Workshops

The workshops I offer at regular intervals, typically two hours long, combine an overview of the writing process for your business with a look at some of the specific types of writing you might need.

The first part outlines various tips and strategies to keep your writing on target. It also flags up some of the common pitfalls and how best to avoid them.

In the second part, I look at the challenges involved in particular types of business writing. These may include blog-writing and the different ways of approaching the various social media platforms.


Specialised Sessions

Besides the overview workshops, I also run sessions looking in more depth at specific area of writing, whether that’s writing blogs or understanding grammar.

These sessions are typically 3-4 hours. Since they concentrate on one topic, they involve exercises and practical work, as well as the advice I offer in the overview workshops.

I can develop specialist sessions for any topic related to business writing, if there’s a demand for it.


Corporate Training

Both the overview workshops and specialist sessions are open-booking events, but if you want to improve the general standard of writing among your staff, I can offer a dedicated session.

This can be either an adapted version of one of my existing workshops, or customised to meet a specific need in your company. Please contact me to discuss arrangements, contents and prices.