Keep Your Website Content Fresh

Have you come across a website that stays still? However great they were to start with, it goes stale — like a property that doesn’t sell.

To keep your website fresh and current, the reality is that it needs to constantly change, whether that’s a radical rewrite or just tweaking a few words to stay up to date.

Why is this? Many reasons, including:

  • The up-to-date way of doing things this year may be old-fashioned next year.
  • Your offer is likely to evolve, and it’s important that your website reflects that.
  • The way your audience react to your offer may have changed.
  • Your business, your offer and your website exist in the context of a constantly changing world.
  • Regular visitors to your site need new content to keep them interested and engaged.

I can write your website content from scratch, but that doesn’t mean it can be left indefinitely as it stands. To help you with this, I offer two specialist services.

Website Deepdive

Is your website not performing as you feel it should? Are you getting visitors but not converting them into clients? Do you just feel instinctively that something’s wrong?

You could just scrap it all and start again — but what are you going to replace it with? And some of it might work. How do you know you’re not throwing out the baby with the bathwater?

That’s where my Website Deepdive can help you. Imagine being taken through your site, page by page, line by line, word by word, to establish what’s working and what needs to change.

I’ll go through your website content and make extensive notes about what’s working and what’s not. Then we’ll have an hour’s meeting, ideally by video call, during which we’ll explore together what you really want to get out of your website content and how far the current copy is living up to that.

When we’ve established the changes required, I’ll be happy to provide my services to implement them, but you’re under no obligation to use me for this purpose.

The whole process will cost you just £150, a real no-brainer offer that will leave you with a clear roadmap of what your website content needs to look like. Get in touch with me now to find out more.

Website Content Maintenance Service Plan

When you buy a car in perfect condition, you don’t assume it’ll remain like that indefinitely. It’ll need periodic maintenance, regular services and an annual MOT.

Your website content is just the same. You shouldn’t need another Deepdive for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you can just leave it as it stands. But you don’t want to pay a copywriter every time you need a tweak.

Instead, just as you have a service plan for your car, let’s put one in place for your website content too. Under my Website Content Maintenance Service Plan, you’ll have:

  • An in-depth annual audit of your website content.
  • A monthly review, to see if any details need to be changed.
  • Minor changes made either following audits and reviews or on request at any time.

To keep your website fresh and current, choose from the following plans:

  • Monthly — £85
  • Quarterly — £240
  • Annual — £900

For peace of mind that your website content will remain in top condition, get in touch with me to find out more.

Terms & Conditions for Website Content Maintenance Service Plan

  • A contract shall be drawn up and signed between Nick Blatchley Copywriting and the client. These Terms & Conditions shall considered to be part of that contract.
  • I’ll provide an annual audit of your website content, a monthly review of your website content, and minor rewriting of your website content.
  • The Service Plan does not cover substantial rewriting.
  • The total amount of rewritten content in a month shall not exceed 500 words. The month shall start from the date of your payment.
  • A monthly fee of £85, a quarterly fee of £240 or an annual fee of £900 shall be paid via GoCardless on a date to be agreed in the contract. You may choose which plan to use, and you are free to change to a different plan with one calendar month’s notice.
  • You may cancel your Service Plan at any time by giving notice of one calendar month or the amount of time remaining from your last payment, whichever is greater.

All relevant parts of the general Terms & Conditions for Nick Blatchley Copywriting shall apply to the Service Plan.