White Papers

White papers need to be accurate and authoritative, but they also need to be persuasive. I’ll combine the professional, expert tone you need with the excitement that will hook your readers on your proposal.

A white paper is far more than marketing your products to customers. The people this needs to persuade are often experts, perhaps business owners who need to be persuaded with facts and figures.

That doesn’t mean it has to be dry as dust, though. Experts are people, too, and like anyone they buy mainly on emotion. It’s just that the information you supply has to back up the emotional decision much more rigorously than a website or a brochure.

This requires a balance that isn’t easy to sustain, combining a lot of hard data with the same kind of excitement and engagement that you’d need in any other written content. And I can supply that balance.

I’ll work closely with you, ensuring that the information is exactly what you’ve gathered together, along with doing any required extra research myself. And I’ll write it in a form that will engage, impress and convince the people you’re trying to reach. Get in touch with me to find out more.