About Me

I’ve been writing all my life, since I was four years old, and I still have the stories to prove it. At that age, apparently, I knew words like “parashootist” and “obtikal illooshan” — though fortunately my spelling has improved since then. I’ve had novels, short stories and poetry published (using the name Nyki Blatchley) along with many articles, especially about history and literature.

At the same time, I’ve had a varied career, giving me a broad range of work and life experience. After graduating from Keele University in English and Classics — along with courses such as astronomy and psychology — I spent substantial stints in bookselling, residential care and media monitoring. I also had briefer experience in the engineering, catering and marketing sectors, and even as an artist’s model.

In March 2014, I took the plunge and established Nick Blatchley Copywriting. The focus initially was on blogs, newsletters, social media and content for websites, and these still form the core of my services. Since then, though, I’ve expanded into areas as varied as helping entrepreneurs write books on their skills and offering training workshops on effective business writing.

I’ve engaged widely in the business community, both locally in Hertfordshire and nationally. I’m an active member of several networking groups, notably 4Networking, and I’ve offered insights into writing with impact from Buckinghamshire to Central London.