Property Description

Standard descriptions aren’t good enough for your higher-end properties. I’ll mesmerise your readers and have them falling in love with your property before they’ve even seen it.

Customers don’t usually buy properties based on a written description, of course, or even images and videos — but these can all influence them to visit your property, rather than those being sold by your rivals.

Photos, videos, virtual tours are all important, but they have their limitations. They can show the customer what the property looks like, but it takes words to weave a story about structures and spaces turning into a home. And storytelling is my expertise.

Are you an estate agent who sometimes has those special properties to sell? I’ll provide mesmerising descriptions for your leaflets or your website, or to really stand out from the crowd on the major sites.

Or perhaps you’re a property company with a high-end development or a portfolio of luxury homes. I’ll provide written content for your brochures that doesn’t just explain the images but enhances them, drawing the reader into your unique offering.

Get in touch with me to discuss how I can enhance your campaigns.