Win a Free Audit of Your Website Content

There are plenty of things that are important to get right on a business website. The design, the layout and the behind-the-scenes SEO are all crucial, and important content can include images, videos and infographics. But the written content is at least as vital as any of those, and perfecting that will go a long way towards making your site effective.

Of course, I would say that, wouldn’t I? Yes, I wouldn’t attempt to deny that I’m biased, but the central role of the written content is generally accepted. Quality, relevant writing offers not only the best way to ensure a high proportion of your visitors stick around on your site, but also attracts the Google bots and helps boost your site further up the listings.

The reality is, though, that no site’s content is ever perfect — not even this one. It can always be improved, not necessarily because it wasn’t originally good, but perhaps because the needs of the market have changed, and your content hasn’t moved with it.

So how would you like a complete audit of your site’s written content — free?

You can win that in the contest I’m running on Facebook this month. All you have to do is identify a short quote from Shakespeare from a word-search grid and a series of clues and send your answer through my contact form. At the end of the month, I’ll use a randomiser to pick one correct answer as the winner.

You can enter now, by going either to the Facebook page I’ve set up or simply going straight to the contest page here on the site. So get identifying, and you could have a complete audit of your site’s written content.

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