Welcome to My New Website

There are very few areas of life that stand still, and web design moves faster than most. I’ve been in business for four years now, and the original design was fine back then. The site has had some tweaks, but the design has remained broadly the same.

I’ve realised for a while, though, that I need something more up to date. So Tim Shortt of Webtex Web Design, who designed the original site, has produced a brand new version. I’d like to introduce you to it.


The New Home Page

One of the problems of the original site was that it didn’t have much to offer visually. I made the mistake that, as I’m a copywriter, it would only be the text that’s important.

Of course, it doesn’t work like that, so I had a photoshoot with a brilliant photographer, Benjamin Mole, and one of the results is across the top of the Home page and every other page: me holding both a quill pen and a tablet. That seems to sum me up quite nicely.

Immediately underneath that is my message, in a nutshell. Over the past year, I’ve been working with both Olivier Carion of the Sales Masters Guild and Bonnie Harmon of Business Transformation Consulting on understanding myself and my business. I hope this message conveys everything you need to know.

Below we have a brief summary of some of the leading services I offer and links to the main services page. Then “Why Do You Need Me?” — again, hopefully clearer and more direct than it was on the old site. And adorned with another of Benjamin’s photos.

Under some scrolling sample testimonials and links to the most recent blogs (including this one, for a while) comes one of the reasons that prompted me to start thinking about a change. As you probably know, from May we’ll all have to conform to GDPR, and one of its provisions means I have to get explicit permission to send anyone my newsletter. “Let’s keep in touch” is apparently no longer enough. So here’s an opt-in form you can fill in — or you can simply phone, text or email me and ask to be subscribed.


Other Pages

The About Me page, again with one of Benjamin’s new images, is rewritten and updated. I was a rookie when I first wrote it, but now I’m an experienced copywriter and business owner. The new version reflects that.

The Services page, again, is rewritten. I understand the services I offer, and what they can do for you, much more clearly than four years ago. Also, I’ve omitted several services that no-one has ever asked for. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take them on if asked, but it doesn’t seem sensible to use up web space on them.

The Training page is new, and another of the immediate motivations for updating the site. My training department (aka me in a different hat) is in its infancy but growing. Eventually, there’ll be a sub-page from here for each workshop, session or course I offer.

You’re on the blog page at the moment, and not a lot has changed. I haven’t kept it up too well lately, partly through pressure of work, partly because I wanted to wait till the site was done, but blogs will be coming more regularly in future.

And the Contact page is the Contact page — again, much the same. Here are the various means by which you can get in touch with me. And please do.


What Do You Think?

I’m really impressed with how sleek and easy-to-use Tim has made this new design. Of course, it’s fully responsive too, so it looks equally great on a 22-inch screen or a smartphone.

But that isn’t it. A website can’t stand still, and there’ll be new material added here on a regularly basis. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the site, so please do get in touch with me.

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