What do you need me to write?

No two clients’ requirements are the same, and my services adapt to your specifications. Below are the main services I provide, but I’d love you to surprise me with something I’ve never thought of. If what you want written isn’t listed here, you’re very welcome to get in touch and discuss your project.

I specialise in being a generalist. Whatever your field, I’ll translate your passion and expertise into terms anyone can understand. Even if you want a specialist piece in an area where I don’t have enough experience, I’ll try to find another copywriter with the necessary background to recommend.

I can adapt to your voice and write at whatever level of formality or informality that’s appropriate to your needs. If you prefer US English, I’m well acquainted with US spelling and usage.


If you’re in business today, you need a blog — but it has to be updated regularly to be effective, and that’s not always easy. I’ll supply finely  (more…)


It’s easy to get so caught up in finding new leads and clients that we forget about existing ones. It’s vital that you’re regularly in their thoughts, (more…)


Everything has to be right on your website — the design, the images, the videos, but also the written content. The quality of the writing will (more…)


Publishing a book is the perfect way to enhance your reputation as a thought-leader. Getting your book published has never been so easy, but (more…)


Often much longer than a blog post, articles can appear on prestigious websites or in printed magazines and journals. A well-researched (more…)


Sometimes the direct approach is best. Mailshots, by letter or email, can talk directly to the people you’re targeting as clients, but you need to (more…)


Whether they’re physical or downloaded, brochures and leaflets are still the best way to showcase your products or services. Images aren’t enough, (more…)


Whether it’s for LinkedIn, Facebook or a professional website relating to your sector, you need profiles tailored to every use. Your profile (more…)

Social Media

A consistent and targeted social media presence is essential to keep your business in the market’s gaze. Whether you need engaging  (more…)