Business advice

Without a Paddle?

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Like all business owners and self-employed people, I have the annual task of doing my tax self-assessment. I’ve been receiving polite requests for this from HMRC each year since 2014, and before this year I’ve always been in the habit …


Blunt-Force Marketing

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Like most people, I sometimes buy from Amazon, and every time I do they bombard me with recommendations for other items I might want. This can actually make sense. If I’ve just bought a Dylan CD, for instance, it’s reasonable …


Are You Creative?

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A few weeks ago, I attended The Creative Expo at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. It was a business show specially geared towards the creative industries, and I found it an excellent event, although it could have done with …


Another Election?

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In 2015 we had a General Election. In 2016 we had the Referendum. And guess what, in 2017 we’re back for another General Election.

A lot of us are fed up with voting and get cynical about the point of …

Writing Advice

Painful Apostrophes

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Most, if not all, areas of expertise or professional interest come at a cost: the instinctive pain caused by non-experts getting it spectacularly wrong. I’m sure, for instance, it annoys doctors to hear popular medical fallacies, or accountants to come …