What to Do With Your Downtime This August?

Do you experience a turn-down in business over the summer? Or at any other time of year?

In the summer months, especially August, potential clients, whether they’re consumers or small-business owners, may not be available. Perhaps they’re away on holiday, occupied by their kids on school break or enjoying days out in the sun — well, hopefully in the sun.

Of course, this might apply to you, too, but if not perhaps you have time on your hands. So what can you do with that time? Here are a few suggestions.


Update Your Website

Unless you’ve updated your website within the past few months, there are almost certainly elements that are out of date. Does it reflect all your latest offers? Is it behind the curve in terms of what the rest of your sector is doing?

Or perhaps it feels a bit stale. Could it do with new photos or videos? Or maybe even a completely fresh rebranding? Now is the time to get that sorted out.


Visit a Networking Meeting

Yes, you’ve done that during the rest of the year — but I know how easy it is to get stuck in the rut of going to the same meetings every week. It’s important to keep up your contacts, after all, and you don’t have time for more.

There are hundreds of networking meetings out there, though, and now you do have a bit more time. Try one you haven’t been to before. You never know who you might meet.


Go Through Your List of Contacts

If you’re anything like me, you’ve accumulated a list of contacts, and you’ve sincerely promised yourself that you’ll go through them sometime and get in touch with everyone.

Well, I do get in touch with quite a few, and I’m sure you do, too — but there’s always the list that you haven’t had time to get onto. Well, now you do have time, so that excuse is gone.


Start on That Blog

You know, that blog you’ve been telling yourself you’d begin when you had a moment. A blog has so many benefits, after all, from engaging your audience to boosting your site’s SEO.

But it can be time consuming, if you’re not used to the process. Now you can at least plan what you want to write about — and, if you still find the idea daunting, you can research copywriters. Which is easy, because you already know one, don’t you?


Think Strategically About Your Business

While you’re busy getting the work done that’s going to bring in the money, strategic thinking tends to get pushed onto the back burner. After all, satisfying your clients (and getting paid for it) is your priority.

But without strategic thinking, your business is stagnating. So this is the ideal time to put in some serious thought about where you want to be going and how you’re going to get there.

So what’s your priority for any downtime you might have over the rest of the summer? Or autumn, winter, spring…? If any of it involves needing written content, give me a shout to see how I can help.