Package Tour — Or a Tour of the Packages

Arranging and paying for each piece of content individually can be a hassle, if your needs run to multiple items every month. That’s why I’ve just launched three new monthly subscription packages (silver, gold and platinum) to provide a favourable wind for your marketing content.


Silver Package


To provide a gale-force marketing impact for your business, the Silver Package (no, I don’t do bronze) provides you with regular blogs and social media posts. Blogs can, in theory, be of any length and be posted at any frequency you like, but 500 words is roughly the sweet spot — enough to be meaty but not long enough to put readers off. Similarly, two blogs a month are enough for most businesses.


In a similar way, social media engagement can be at any level you like. If you have the time and content to post several times a day, fair enough, but twice a week is the minimum if you’re serious about it. The platforms you use will depend on where your audience hangs out, but each platform will need a slightly different version of each post, from a thorough, authoritative piece for LinkedIn to a brief teaser for Twitter.


In addition to these services, each of my packages includes the offer to review and polish content you provide yourself, up to 3,000 words per month. The Silver Package offers a saving of £50 per month, compared with paying for the services individually.


Gold Package


The Gold Package, offering a storm-force impact, includes both the two blogs per month and the same review and polish offer. However, there are extra elements.


A newsletter provides the perfect way of keeping yourself in the minds of your existing contacts, while you’re busy chasing new ones. These are, after all, the people who may not be ready to buy yet — so they need to be thinking of you when they are ready. The problem is, of course, that everyone gets tons of newsletters in their inbox, so it’s vital that yours catches the eye and piques the interest.


If you want more social media engagement than the minimum amount provided in the Silver Package, the Gold Package offers three posts a week for up to three different platforms. You may, for instance, want to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday — but that’s entirely up to you.


The Gold Package offers a saving of £75 per month, compared with paying for the services individually.


Platinum Package


If you need the full works, the hurricane-force Platinum Package is the one for you. Besides the blogs, newsletter and the review and polish, you’ll get five social media posts per week for up to three platforms — every work day, for instance.


The biggest extra for the Platinum Package, though, is the offer of ongoing maintenance for your website content. The written content on your site is never finished — it needs to respond to subtle changes in the market and the needs of your potential customers. Maybe it just needs changes to prevent readers getting tired of it.


As part of this package, I’ll review and tweak the written content on your website monthly, and provide a more in-depth MOT once a year. The Platinum Package offers a saving of £100 per month, compared with paying for the services individually.

So which of these package suits your requirements? Drop me a line for a chat about what you need.