Two Excellent Training/Networking Events

In recent months, I haven’t ventured far outside the excellent 4Networking and Business Buzz for networking and picking up tips. So it’s a little surprising that last week I went to two different events on consecutive evenings. Both were excellent, and both were very different.

Digital Networking Evening — The Lodge, Ware

mahon-logo897Wednesday’s event was organised by Saija Mahon of Mahon Digital as a mixture of networking and training. I’ve known Saija a couple of years, so I knew it would be well worth going to, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Held in the downstairs bar of the Lodge, it featured illustrated talks by Saija on biddable media, Salman Lone of TekOne on cyber security, and Corinna Hartwig of Corinna Hartwig Consulting on tips for improving your website. All three talks were packed full of great advice — one piece of which (storing log-ins in a vault) I’ve already started to implement.

The networking part of the meeting was enjoyable too, with a very mixed and interesting group of people, one or two of whom I knew on social media but hadn’t met in person before. My only regrets were that I had to leave a little early (deadlines to meet) and that I couldn’t take full advantage of the Lodge’s facilities, since I was driving.

I hope this will be a regular event — and next time I’ll remember to take the train.

Networking Event at Mardlebury Gallery

Peacock feathers on a white antique or vintage door for background

Ware is right on my doorstep, but Mardlebury Gallery is right out in the wilds between Datchworth and Woolmer Green. I must confess I’d never heard of it till Stevenage artist and illustrator Sally Taylor (someone else I only knew as a disembodied Twitter presence) highlighted this event and I decided to go.

This was purely interactive networking, but geared towards discussing creativity in business, whether that means using creative arts in your business or simply thinking creatively. Everyone there had fascinating experiences and perspectives, and some very interesting ideas came up.

The gallery itself, in a converted barn, is largely a showcase for local artists, though some come from further afield — they’re currently hosting an exhibition of psychedelic slides made by artist Joel Brown for Pink Floyd fifty years ago. Other work ranges from landscapes to abstract, and I was impressed with the overall quality.

There are plenty of events and sessions out there. I’m going to pay more attention in future and get around more than I have been.



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