Slughorns and Slubberdegullions

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The Victorian poet Robert Browning loved finding obscure, archaic words to use in his poems. The trouble was, he didn’t always take the trouble to find out what they meant. For instance, at the culmination of his poem Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came, describing the eponymous hero arriving at the eponymous tower, he Read More

Business advice

Promising and Delivering in Writing

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Promising and delivering are fairly central to any business. After all, if we don’t promise, no-one knows what we have to offer, while if we don’t deliver on the promises, our reputation won’t last long. So how does that apply to writing? The Promise Why should anyone read anything you write in connection with your Read More

Business training

Planning to Train

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For some time now, I’ve been considering the idea of adding a training side to my business. Having now done a number of 4Sights for 4Networking meetings on “How to Write Right”, I’ve got to that awkward stage between considering and arranging which we call planning. And so I’m using this blog essentially to think Read More


Less is More?

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The kind of job I do most frequently is a blog post, typically around 400 words. Not always. Sometimes I might be asked to write an article many times longer, or dozens of pages of a website. Sometimes it’s just a hundred word as a brief profile. The actual writing on these jobs is rarely Read More