Brochures and leaflets have always been the best way to showcase what you offer. They still are, and I’ll provide clear, engaging copy to go with the images.

At one time, it seemed as if printed brochures and leaflets were on their way out, with emails being so much easier. That seems to have been a blip, however, and the printed brochure is making a big comeback.

Why is that? Well, now we’re no longer getting piles of junk-mail through our letterboxes every day, we’re starting to appreciate the items we receive a lot more. A physical document seems far more substantial than an email that can be deleted with a flick of the finger.

Brochures and leaflets can be designed to be delivered electronically, of course, but the printed versions are far more likely to attract the attention of your target customers. But only if they have great contents.

There are plenty of elements to a brochure or leaflet, including design, images, photos and use of colour. It’s the written content, though, that delivers the crucial information your readers will need, and it has to be both compact and compelling.

I’ll write you content to keep your brochure or leaflet out of the bin and make your target customers want to take it further. Get in touch with me to find out more.