Your website is your virtual shop window, and you need the right content to get people through your virtual door. I’ll tell your story to engage your visitors, from landing page to contact form.

A website can be as small as one-page brochure or as big as Amazon, but there’s one thing all websites have in common — they need engaging and captivating content. Images and video will provide the initial hook, of course, but it’s the words that convert the interested browser into a serious enquirer.

Every business needs its website content written in a slightly different way — personal or corporate, formal or quirky, technical or simple — but all these have a few things in common. Every website needs content that’s soaked in the company’s brand, its values, its personality. Above all, every website needs written content that it compels the reader to move through the site till they get to the Contact or Checkout page.

I’ll tell the story of your business through your website content. Not only on the About Us page, but the stories of what your services will do for the reader or how your goods will transform them. I’ll weave a story that will lead your target clients into your virtual shop.

To find out more about how I can transform your website, contact me for a chat.