If you’re trying to raise your profile as a thought-leader in your field, an article on a prestigious website or in a printed journal will help. I’ll produce an excellently researched and written piece for you.

Articles are normally longer and more specialised than blog posts, but this isn’t the only difference. For one thing, whereas a blog normally lives on your own website and, among other things, helps with your SEO, an article will be published by someone else.

The other big difference is that, whereas a blog is written primarily to engage the audience and to raise their interest in you, the purpose of an article is likely to be to raise your status as a thought-leader in your field. This means it should not only be researched and written with even more care and detail than a blog, but also that it should have something original to say.

If you can get a high-quality article published by a prestigious journal or website, your name and the link to your website will not only be seen by the right people, but also be seen in a highly favourable context. Along with increasing your reputation, it’s likely to increase direct interest in your company. After all, wouldn’t you take the chance to do business with a leading expert?

The knowledge is yours, of course, but the article still has to be well crafted. I’ll either turn your research into polished writing or undertake extra research under your direction. Get in touch with me to find out how I can help you create authoritative articles.