Sending your existing clients and contacts a regular newsletter keeps you in their thoughts — and the engaging, thought-provoking content I provide ensures they think of you the right way.

No doubt you work hard at establishing contacts and prospects, whether that’s through networking, social media or gathering data by way of offers. The trouble is that many of those contacts don’t actually need your services right away. So how do you make sure you’re still fresh in their minds when the time comes to buy?

The ideal way is to send out a regular newsletter, offering updates, useful information and perhaps even a laugh or two. The object is to continue the engagement from the original contact, not to sell.

For this, you’ll need original, engaging content every week, fortnight or month — however often you want your newsletter to go out. I’ll either turn your ideas into compelling copy or research your sector for interesting news, always running it past you to make sure I get your own point of view right.

Get in touch with me to find out how I can produce regular newsletters in your voice, that will keep your contacts engaged until they’re ready to buy.