Your Website Is Just Like Your Car

Remember when you last bought a new car? It was gleaming and ran perfectly, and at first all you needed to do was top it up with fuel. But that didn’t last. Little things needed to be fixed sometimes, and then bigger things. You had to take it for regular services and annual MOTs. Eventually, you came to the conclusion you needed to trade it in for a newer model.

Your website’s like that, too. The design, the images, the SEO — and especially the written content.


Why Does a Website Need to Be Updated?

Just like your car, your website content might be perfect to start with, but that doesn’t last forever. So why is that? Why isn’t content that starts off perfect the same five years later? There are a number of reasons:

  • The up-to-date way of doing things this year may be old-fashioned next year.
  • Your offer is likely to evolve, and it’s important that your website reflects that.
  • The way your audience react to your offer may have changed.
  • Your business, your offer and your website exist in the context of a constantly changing world.
  • Regular visitors to your site need new content to keep them interested and engaged.

To meet these needs, I’ve launched two new offers — my Website Deepdive and my Website Content Maintenance Service Plan.


Website Deepdive

Do you know whether you need to change your website content? And, if so, what needs to change and what’s already working fine?

It’s crucial to know that. Otherwise, you just have to accept the effort and expense of replacing everything, whether it needs it or not. And, of course, there’s no guarantee that what you replace it with will be any better.

Imagine having an expert to go through your website content with you, line by line, even word by word, to leave you with a clear roadmap of what it’s going to need to make your written website content shine. That’s what my Deepdive offers.


Website Content Maintenance Service Plan


Just like your car, getting your website content perfect at one moment doesn’t mean it’ll stay like that. Maybe you have a service plan for your car, either with a local garage or an authorised dealer for the brand. They’ll undertake regular services and put right any minor faults that may have developed.

That’s essentially what my Service Plan does. Every month, I’ll review your content, advise you of anything that might be better with a few tweaks, and then implement the changes for you. And once a year I’ll give it a more in-depth audit — an MOT, if you like.

Just like your car, of course, eventually, you’ll need to trade in the old website for a new model, and I’ll be able to write your new content, as well as suggesting a range of website developers, photographers, videographers and other professionals who might help.

With my Service Plan, though, that day could be a long way off. Check out more about these two great services, and then get in touch with me to discuss what I can do for you.