Free Offer — Two Valuable Marketing Tools

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Even in normal times, it’s crucial to make sure your brand is as widely known and understood as possible — and these aren’t normal times. With businesses planning for coming out of lockdown and potentially hundreds of thousands of jobless …

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The Words We Use

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These are — as we’re being reminded from every side — unprecedented times. And one of the more minor consequences is that we’re using unprecedented vocabulary.

Be honest: how often before March did you ever use the word furlough? That’s …


Win a Free Audit of Your Website Content

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There are plenty of things that are important to get right on a business website. The design, the layout and the behind-the-scenes SEO are all crucial, and important content can include images, videos and infographics. But the written content is …

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Who’s Your Business Partner?

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Do you have a business partner? That might be easy to answer. Perhaps you’ve set up a company with someone else, in which case you very obviously do. Perhaps you’ve even officially constituted the company as a partnership.

However, many …

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How Full Is Your Glass?

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Is it best to be an optimist or a pessimist, either in your personal life or in your business?

Well, that depends. Optimism and pessimism aren’t as easy to define as you might think. The classic definition is the “glass …