Free Offer — Two Valuable Marketing Tools

Even in normal times, it’s crucial to make sure your brand is as widely known and understood as possible — and these aren’t normal times. With businesses planning for coming out of lockdown and potentially hundreds of thousands of jobless people setting up their own micro-businesses, there are immense possibilities.

Unfortunately, it also means you’re likely to be facing record numbers of competitors. So, if you want to take advantage of the opportunities, you need to be better prepared than you’ve ever been.

If you’ve been keeping in touch at all during the lockdown, you’ve probably been using Zoom, and this trend seems set fair to continue as the norm, even after face-to-face meetings are possible again. You may have noticed some participants magically calling from tropical islands or their favourite sports venues.

A Zoom virtual background will hide what’s behind you, which can be essential if you’re working from home, but it can be so much more than scenery. If you have a background with your branding on it, it’ll be on display throughout the meeting — but it has to be designed to show the information to maximum advantage.

An effectively branded Zoom background could well send people checking you out, and that will usually mean looking you up on LinkedIn. What are they going to find there? If (like so many LinkedIn profiles) it’s just a vague, unfocused list of your career history and what you do, they might give up in disappointment and move on.

In order to grab visitors to your LinkedIn page, you need a passionate, eloquent demonstration of what makes you special, why they should look up you rather than your competitors.

So how would you like a Zoom background and a LinkedIn profile for no cost? Nick Blatchley Copywriting and Innovensa have combined in a free offer for both — but you’ll have to be quick. This unique free offer is only open to the first ten people to apply — first come, first served. Just get in touch to make sure you’re not too late.

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