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Welcome to the website for Nick Blatchley Copywriting, established early in 2014 and growing steadily since then.




I can meet your copywriting needs, whatever they might be. Although I can work for clients in any part of the world, as long as they require writing in accurate and natural English of any global type, I take a particular interest in building relationships locally, here in the lovely Lea Valley in south-east England.

But, wherever you are, you can be assured of a first-class service.

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What Is Copywriting?

Simply put, copy is any written content you need customers or other businesses to read. It may appear in print or online, but the important thing is the copy that appears under your name says something about your company.

Common kinds of copy include:

  • website content
  • blog content
  • social media content
  • online profiles
  • newsletters
  • reports
  • brochures/leaflets
  • mailshots
  • press releases
  • speeches
  • applications for business awards
  • articles


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Why Do I Need a Professional Copywriter?

After all, we can all write, can’t we? Well, most of us can also change a fuse or connect up a washing machine, but we still hire an electrician or a plumber when it’s important that the job is done well.

Copywriting is the same, except that here the danger in getting it wrong isn’t that you house will flood or burn down – it’s that you’ll lose potential business. Some customers may be put off by poor grammar, but it goes much further than that. Information needs to be expressed in the best order and using the best words and phrases to hook people in.

Once you have the customers, your expertise or the quality of your product will do the talking. Without clear incisive copy, though, you risk those customers reading about you and then moving on to your competitors.

Let me use my expertise to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Check out my Testimonials page for reactions from some of the varied clients I’ve worked for.

Read my Terms and Conditions. Keep up with relevant stories and information in my Blog. To ask for more information, or to request a quote, Contact me, and I’ll do my utmost to answer your needs.