The most important thing about the copywriting services I offer is that they’re tailored to what you, the client, need. Listed below are the main categories of work I undertake, but if what you’re looking for isn’t there, please contact me and explain your needs. If possible, I’ll adapt to that.

Website Content

Your website designer has done a great job building you a site that will catch the customers’ eyes, but what do you want to tell them? I can write clear but arresting descriptions of your company, your products, or anything else you need on the site.

Blog Content

Every company needs a blog today if it wants to keep ahead, whether you’re telling customers about your products or just offering them useful advice, but it can be hard to make the time to keep it up. I can write interesting and informative blog posts that will reinforce the positive impression customers have of your company. I can write the pieces either from information provided or from my own research, although obviously research time would involve extra charges.

Social Media Content

Even more than blogging, a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media is vital in today’s competitive market. If you’d rather spend your time doing what you do best, I can write a series of posts you can release at regular intervals, or else individual posts for specific circumstances.


Wherever you go online, you need a profile. It seems a simple thing to produce, but these couple of hundred two words are the virtual equivalent of the impression you make on someone in the first few seconds of meeting, so you need to get it right. I offer a fast, low-cost service to write you a profile that will get you noticed and remembered for the right reasons.


Whether you send out physical, printed newsletters or virtual ones by email, I can write entertaining and informative content to keep your customers interested.


Whether a report is aimed at a client or your CEO, the chances are that it’s being produced by someone who knows everything about the content, but not necessarily how to get that content over to best effect. I can take your raw material and write it up in an arresting way, in whatever format you need.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if you’re producing a brochure or a leaflet about your company or products, the customers will need description and information about what is shown. I can provide the copy you need to go with the visual images on your brochure.


You want to get the message out in the most effective way possible. I can provide the copy you’ll need for your mailshots.

Press Releases

You only get one shot at saying the right thing in a press release. I can write exactly what you’re trying to say.


Do you have to make a speech at a business dinner or event? I can write you a well-polished speech to order. For this type of contract, obviously, I’ll need to meet you, or at least speak on the phone, so that I know what style and personality to put into the speech.

Applications for Business Awards

You deserve that award, but getting it might depend in part on putting over in writing why you deserve it. I can help you to get the information over to maximum effect.


I can write any kind of article you need, either from supplied information or from research. This might be anything from writing up your data in a compelling way to ensuring that a good article about your company appears of Wikipedia.

I live in the UK, and my natural style of writing is in UK English, but I’m familiar with global variations of the language, especially US English. If required, I can adapt not only the spelling but also the style and usage to be appropriate wherever you are.

If you want to know more about these or any other kinds of copy you might need, please contact me to discuss your requirements.