About Me

I’ve been writing all my life, since I was four years old, and I still have the stories to prove it. These show at that age I knew words like “parashootist” and “obtikal illooshan” – though fortunately my spelling has improved since then. I’ve had novels, short stories and poetry published (using the name Nyki Blatchley) along with many articles, especially on the subjects of history and literature.
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Nick Blatchley – Copywriter

Besides this,  I’ve had a varied career and a broad range of experience of work and life. After graduating from Keele University in English and Classics – along with courses such as astronomy and psychology – I’ve had substantial stints in bookselling, residential care and media monitoring, along with briefer experience in the engineering, catering and marketing sectors, and even as an artist’s model.

Since establishing the business in March 2014, I’ve engaged with the business community, both locally and nationally. I’m a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and the Professional Copywriters’ Network, and I’m Group Coordinator for the Ware 4Networking group, which meets every second Tuesday in the gorgeous surroundings of Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club.

My breadth of experience gives me a feeling for the needs of widely different sectors, and not only the ones I’ve worked in myself. Moving from one job to another has taught me to be flexible and to be able to learn new perspectives quickly. Whatever the needs of you or your company, I can understand and express them. No topic is too obscure, because I love the process of researching and learning something new.

I’ve learnt, through detailed work on my own writing, a deep understanding of what’s right and wrong in English. I know precisely how to use grammatically correct English – but I also know when and how to relax that precision, to enable a person’s voice and character to come through. My work in fiction has given me plenty of experience in conveying the unique voice of a character, and that same experience will mean that I can write your copy not as myself, but as you.

If you want to know more, please contact me to discuss your requirements.